The Hidden Mysteries of The Lord's Table
Eating and Drinking Damnation

This book delves deep into the subject of the communion table of the Lord, and asks the question are you unwittingly taking the bread and the wine in an unworthy manner? The evangelist reveals the truth behind a false teaching that he believes has been propagated through error being taught in bible colleges throughout the world, and is deeply rooted in the modern churches of today. He also believes that many have died and are dying and are sick, both spiritually and physically as a result of not discerning the Lord's body. 

Mark's aim is to illuminate the truth to the true body of Christ and call the church to repentance, to bring about a restoration of the true teachings of Jesus, and as result bring about a revival in the church

A Seed is All you Need to be Healed
God's Supernatural Healing Power

A seed is all you need to be healed Mark Nolan
This book contains many healing testimonies of people who have been completely healed by faith in Jesus alone, and features a testimony of one raised from the dead.

Through in-depth teaching, Mark explores the scriptural basis of the invisible barrier's that could block a person from receiving their healing and deliverance, and highlights Gods remedy for any hindrances.  

Using real-life examples and biblical truth, this practical book offers hope and help to all who are wondering if God still heals today.

May God bless those who read it.

On the Road with Jesus

On the road with Jesus Mark Nolan
A true story of an epic journey which included angelic encounters, after being held at gunpoint and robbed twice, see what the power of prayer did when a missionary couple found themselves at the end of the road in a strange country without passports, food or money.

When husband and wife leave their home, jobs, and all possessions to take a very heavy van load of equipment to an Albanian orphanage, they had no idea of what they were letting themselves in for.

This journey with Jesus greatly increased their faith and taught them many valuable lessons. I sincerely hope as you join them on their journey through this book that you will be inspired, uplifted, and encouraged to do exploits for Jesus.


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